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We work with school Duke of Edinburgh's Award coordinators to design programmes that complement schools' curricula. This can mean after-school and weekend sessions as best fit with pupils' schedules. Young people participating may be seeking a challenge, or wanting to boost their university or college applications, or simply wanting a shared experience with peers: whatever the reasons for taking part we aim to ensure they have a worthwhile and enjoyable experience.




If you are looking to complete part of a Duke of Edinburgh's Award we can explore with you opportunities to join with our expedition programme.

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Sample Bronze programme outline

  • preliminary presentation in autumn term to assembly or year group.

  • introductory session: about the award, and expectations.

  • autumn classroom & practical navigation & 1st aid training sessions, with a 1-day practice walk.

  • spring time training & review, with 2-day overnight training expedition.

  • Learning review, and 2-day assessed expedition.


We can work with you to provide as little or as much as you need for your Duke of Edinburgh's Award expedition, or to support you in improving the quality of your own outdoor training.

Our approaches can include:

  • Promoting Duke of Edinburgh's Award participation to pupils

  • Programme design

  • Target setting with groups

  • Classroom & practical taught sessions

  • Campcraft, navigation, nutrition, groupwork, emergency procedures

  • First aid training

  • Transport & campsite bookings

  • Practice expeditions

  • Risk management

  • Assessed expeditions

  • Accreditation

  • Outdoor equipment presentations

A Bronze award programme may be as follows: